What Is a Girl-on-Girl Strip Club Show?

What Is a Girl-on-Girl Strip Club Show?
The best girl on girls shows @PeppermintHippoLV

Double the pleasure and double the fun! 

A girl-on-girl strip show is special. As the name implies, it’s a show that features not one, but two hot female adult entertainers. It’s like having two helpings of your favorite desert!

Now at Peppermint Hippo, this is a special treat served best in the privacy of one of our fabulous OG (Olympic Gardens) rooms or even in one of the easily accessible adjacent private rooms off either of the 

Be sure you experience a legitimate girl-on-girl show

Don’t make the mistake of getting sucked into an online arrangement that promises to deliver fantasies to the privacy and safety of your hotel room. That’s NOT safe and in fact it’s quite dangerous! You don’t know who these people are you’re letting in! Online scammers broker people they have never met and promise services they don’t necessarily know about. They take your credit card information and never show up. Or worse yet, the wrong kind of people do show up. A couple girls and their “driver.” Not performers…. but people you would never want to know. Never allow people to come to you.

Don’t take chances inviting unknown performers into your hotel room, Airbnb, or home. Instead go to a well-established, well known, and world-famous gentlemen’s club like the Peppermint Hippo. When you’re there, you know the performers are legitimate, on the up and up, and you will never be victimized.  You’re in a safe environment with a highly qualified, well trained, and credentialed inhouse security force. Your credit, your reputation, and your safety are never in jeopardy. 

In fact, be smart and have the Peppermint Hippo come pick you up at your hotel room for FREE! And we always take you home or to your next destination. When you and your friend want to get the party started early, we have fully equipped party buses that come to you. By fully equipped, I mean beautiful girls, stripper pole, music, and booze, that take you door-to-door!

Now, if you prefer to roll more discreetly, we’ll send an unmarked SUV over instead.

There is nothing in town to match the excitement at the Peppermint Hippo. We have the finest women, the best stages, state of the art sound and lights. There are fog machines, strobes, projectors, and rotating poles. We have full bar and liquor service, great food, and an after hours that shames all others!

Enjoy a Vegas nightclub atmosphere on steroids. Find everything a mega-resort nightclub features and more. We have the girls, Girls, GIRLS!! And all the things casino resorts DON’T have!

Check out our exclusive online packages 

Bring your pals or come on in alone. We’ll make you feel right at home! Whether you’re in town for a convention, bachelor party, getaway, or a well-earned break don’t miss out on the newest and best adult entertainment in all of Las Vegas!

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