Strip Club Etiquette Tips | Peppermint Hippo L.V.

Strip Club Etiquette Tips | Peppermint Hippo L.V.
The entertainment industry in Las Vegas runs on tips

Tops Tips for Las Vegas Strip Club Etiquette

Like attending a sporting event, a good restaurant, or even a wedding, gentlemen’s and strip clubs have a code of etiquette. It’s like the unwritten rules of an organization. Think of it like a country club or a golf course. While gentlemen’s clubs aren’t nearly so buttoned up and stuffy, they do have some quirks we’ll mention and hope you find useful. You’ll put your very best foot forward and fit right in. 

Tip Generously

The entertainment industry in Vegas runs on tips. Whether a dealer at blackjack, a ride-share driver, waitress, or dancer, your tip makes their world go round. When going to a gentlemen’s club, bring cash. A fair amount of it. Don’t be cheap. You’re out for the time of your life and the better the party the more cash will grease the gears. While 15-18% is the norm across America, Vegas is a party town and 20% is common. Exceptional service and satisfaction see 30% and more. Etiquette says to tip the driver, doorman, wait service, and performers. But don’t forget the VIP host, restroom attendant, and anyone else who helps make your gentlemen’s club visit a joy.

Dress Nicely And Be Clean

I know. I know. Hate saying it, but you’d be surprised by some of the knuckleheads who don’t get it. Clean clothes and a pressed shirt go a long way in a club. Nice looking guys get nice girls. Unmade beds…, well, you know. Now, here’s a cool Vegas insider tip. Vegas is a “hands town.” You might have noticed. Ask us if we’d like another cup of coffee, we don’t just say “No.” We wave-gesture them off. It’s not intended to be rude. It’s just a habit from playing cards. “The eyes in the sky” and dealers in casinos demand physical gestures. Consequently, Vegans pay more attention to hands than most places. And did you notice how so many people, both women and men, have groomed nails. Your dancer and server are going to notice your hands. Make a favorable impression by sporting clean and cut fingernails.

Come dressed for success and avoid heavily logo-ed clothing, flip-flops, tank tops, and clothing with holes in them. 

Vegas Gentlemen’s Clubs are Mostly No Touch Zones

Well-meaning local authorities and police enforce a “no touch” policy for Las Vegas gentlemen’s clubs. What goes on in the private rooms is speculative. Should you decide to be adventurous, etiquette dictates that you ask first. I won’t drone on here about the obvious reasons why. In short, be polite.

Accept and take the free transportation 

That way you won’t get Shanghaied or waylaid from your main destination. You might not know it, but Uber, Lyft, and taxi drivers get paid kickbacks for delivering people to clubs. You weren’t even considering a place, but they get you in their vehicle and tell you they know a much better place. They put a soft sales pitch on you about how the other place has whatever, and they might even invent crimes against humanity to dissuade you from that original destination. There are certain elements in Vegas always out to make a quick buck and they are known to be fast and light with the truth. Trusting out of town people won’t know.  

Something to Consider, Women May Pay to Perform at the Club

This is a mutually agreed and widely accepted way clubs do business. It benefits both performers and owners. Knowing this, let’s say you are willing to pay a C-note for a private room lap dance, $20 seems standard and maybe even a little slim.

Never Feel Like a Duck Out of Water

All of us want your visit to Las Vegas and to the Peppermint Hippo to be as enjoyable as possible, so whenever you’re confused or unsure, just ask and we are always happy to help. 

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