Our lux Strip Club chain didnt happen overnight. In fact it began in 2016 when an ambitious young Host decided he wanted to build a career for himself and with all of his favorite colleagues. 

The first Hippo was made into fruition in July of 2019. By a then VIP Host who loved being in the nightlife industry but wanted more than just a job. He gathered more lovers of the industry and together started investing into clubs. 

Breaking the mold of the typical outdated, dark seedy atmosphere of the “o.g” clubs and bringing about a new innovative nightlife experience. 

The Peppermint Hippo grew tremendously despite the pandemic and continues to grow! 

Alan Chang made his vision a reality! And thanks to his commitment to his goals, you can now walk into any of the 6 Peppermint Hippo properties nationwide and experience the upscale high energy vibe with top of the line entertainers and exceptional customer service.