What to Wear to a Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas

What to Wear to a Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas
Dress codes at Las Vegas Clubs

Catching a show or performance in Vegas nowadays is kind of a casual affair. 

Shorts, tank tops, and flip flops are common sights. Folks mosey into showrooms toting shopping bags and fast foods. You’ll see busy people in casinos wearing everything from bikinis to bridal gowns! 

Nightclubs step it up quite a bit compared to showrooms and general attractions around town. While you’re not going to the prom, a nightclub is a dressier deal. If you’ve watched the hotties and guys steaming into Zouk, Hakkasan, XS, Omnia, Drai’s, Tao, or Marquee, you know what I’m talking about. People are there to see and be seen. It’s a fashion show without the catwalk! It’s about making a statement with a lot of self-hype and considerable promotion.

When it comes to knowing what to wear, gentlemen’s clubs are a nice balance between the polar opposites of showrooms and trendy nightclubs. At a strip club, you can dress semi-casually, business attire, or formally. There’s no need to get totally styled and primped up because the hotties are already guaranteed to be there. The progression of relationships is well known and established. You’re not going on a fishing expedition tonight!

Old Vegas was kind of proper back in the day when The Mob ran things. The Rat Pack was the biggest entertainment attraction then, and everybody dressed up in the nines and tens just to go out to dinner or attend a supper club. Showtime meant suits and ties for guys, dresses and heels for girls. 

Those days are long gone! it’s all changed. Why, a couple of days ago you probably hopped on an airplane with at least 2 or 3 passengers wearing pajamas and slippers! 

So just what is the best advice for what to wear to a prime gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas? 

For the right kind of attention, dress to impress. Style isn’t cheap and neither are you, right?? Iron the shirt! Pay attention to your shoes. If you present well, the ladies will come running. 

Remember, Peppermint Hippo is an upscale club filled with top quality entertainers. Don’t dress too casually. Shorts, sweatpants, tank tops, and sandals are a bad vibe. The just woke up look is great at your mom’s house but not in Vegas. And for goodness’s sake, clothing should be clean and free from fraying, holes, or stains. You’d be surprised.

Be clean and well groomed, especially hair, beard or mustache. Clean face, hands, and nails are an absolute must. Run through some deodorant and aftershave as well. 

Look, you’re going to meet the most beautiful women in Vegas. And they are going to dance and perform for you. You’re about to be the center of their attention. Why not look as desirable as possible to them without being pretentious?

Dress like you would for a date with a classy lady you want to impress. 

And know that when you arrive at the Peppermint Hippo, our top drawer restrooms come complete with attendants to keep you as fresh as you arrived. 

The Peppermint Hippo is the ultimate adult club in Vegas. 

And in fact, it is the only gentlemen’s club located on the world-famous Strip. Close to you and every mega-resort. And if you’re downtown, it’s a short stone’s throw away. Don’t miss the very best in fine female performers with a state-of-the-art nightclub experience. Best stage. Best sound. Best lighting. Best atmosphere. And no prettier women anywhere. The Peppermint Hippo at the top of the Strip!

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