The Best Services to Order at a Strip Club

The Best Services to Order at a Strip Club
The best services @PeppermintHippoLV

Gentlemen’s clubs geared toward out-of-town visitors are the bomb! Take Peppermint Hippo, for example. It is just like being in a high-end nightclub except the girls wear less and do more!

Unlike high-end nightclubs, premier gentlemen’s clubs offer terrific services you can order! 

There are mainly two types of strip clubs in Las Vegas: ones for locals and ones for tourists. For the most part, local strip clubs in Vegas are just like the ones back home. Drinks are cheaper. There are food specials on certain nights of the week. Weeknights are cheaper overall than on weekends. 

Cover charges are mostly non-existent, except when big events are going down in town: mostly UFC fight nights, NASCAR, and arena sized concerts. And the sights are going to be predictably the same visit after visit, night after night, until the club ponies up for a headliner and brings in a celebrity guest stripper.

Here are some of the best services to order at a Vegas strip club.

Lap dances 

Why would anyone come to a strip club and not do a lap dance? After all, we don’t go to the beach and look out at the road we drove in on! The lap dance epitomizes your adult entertainment experience, so jump in the water and get wet! Lap dances are enjoyable and affordable. Now, girls might have differing rates, so ask about that beforehand.

Making it rain

There are few things as much fun as having a tall stack of one-dollar bills and slapping them around a showroom! That’s called “making it rain.” Thrill seekers like to order up thousands of dollars in ones and put on a really big show for the girls and all the guys in the room. It’s a blast!

Private dances

For more intimate and personal encounters nothing compares to private dances. The Peppermint Hippo makes that really easy because there are privacy booths around both main showrooms. There is also an extensive privacy area with suite after suite, tons of them.  Some include private bars. The Oval Room is a cool area because it has a private main room with individual curtained booths around it. Nice place to be when you have a large group but still want to respect space. 

Bottle service

Just like trendy night clubs, gentlemen’s clubs have bottle service. (In fact we invented it.) And there are special bottle packages you should ask about. You can even have your own private server. That makes it really nice because you’re not kept waiting, ever; you can control spending better; and the personalized service is super special.

Now, gentlemen’s clubs in Vegas are just like entertainment centers throughout the city. Meaning the more you spend the more you get and the better the service becomes. In Vegas, more than any other city in America, money talks. So don’t hold back. You came here to party and have a good time. Live a little! 

Contact the Peppermint Hippo and ask about FREE transportation, bottle service, and specials that can be customized for the number in your party. Conventioneers, bachelor parties, business associates, veteran reunions, and the annual get together with the bros go perfectly at the Peppermint Hippo!

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