Top VIP Bottle Packages in Las Vegas | Peppermint Hippo LV

Top VIP Bottle Packages in Las Vegas | Peppermint Hippo LV
The best VIP bottle service @PeppermintHippoLV

Nothing Tells People That You Are Enjoying an Ultimate Night Out Like Ordering Bottle Service Package.

And when clubs are packed and its murder getting in ordering bottle service in advance paves the way. Not only that, but you can lay a stake to the best real estate in the club. 

Let us tell you about the best bottle service in Las Vegas.

The best bottle service is at the Peppermint Hippo Gentlemen’s Club. The only gentlemen’s club on the Las Vegas Strip. Not only it is the best, but you

  • Avoid general admission hassles
  • Get prime real estate
  • Are seen to Make a splash

Here are some of the best services to order at a Vegas strip club.

 The costs for bottle service are determined by the time of day you attend and if it is event driven or not, the numbers in your party, preferences of liquor poured, level or privacy desired, and added accouterments. Minimally, you want to calculate one bottle for every 4 people. The average cost for bottle service across Las Vegas runs between $300-$1,000 per bottle. You can, of course, go much higher. And most importantly, more reasonable prices can be found when you ask about packages or work directly with a VIP club host. Bear in mind that prices quoted do not include tax and gratuity. You will find that the Peppermint Hippo offers some of the most generous pricing in town.

 In most clubs bottle packages are tiered and priced based upon a “minimum spend.”  Minimum spend is usually all inclusive, meaning you might order a combination of bottles, shots, and beers and all together they total to the agreed spend. Be sure to ask your club how they define minimum spend. There are some snakes out there in the weeds. 

 Most clubs value their real estate based upon minimum spend. The more you agree to spend, the better the view.

 For a great time in most clubs, add Private Table Service. When you have your own private table you are free to wander and mingle at will. It is upscale and gets you better seating. You’ll have a beautiful waitress, attentive busser, and fussy security. No running to a bar for belts.

 Ordering bottle service is simple and easy at the Peppermint Hippo. We treat everyone fairly and don’t play club relationship games. The best way to get started is to click over to our bottle service or shoot us a contact message. Let us know when you are coming, how many in your party, and your preferred package. They’re listed on our website. Of course, always feel free to call us any time, day or night, and we’ll answer because we are open every single day of the year.

 You already know we have the best girls, finest talent, warmest and most modern state of the art facility. Come and find out why the Peppermint Hippo has the best bottle service in Las Vegas!

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