Is There Full Nude Strip Clubs in Las Vegas?

Is There Full Nude Strip Clubs in Las Vegas?
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The Full Nude Las Vegas Myth 

Go to Yelp or Google and type in “full nude clubs in Las Vegas” and you’ll fall through the portals of internet hell into a pool of clickbait. You’ll quickly find yourself on a fool’s errand. Allow us to help you avoid that and tell you the dirty little secret.

What you call a “full nude strip club” back home does not exist in Las Vegas. Except for one location that was grandfathered in, there are no totally nude strip clubs here that serve alcohol.

Las Vegas marketing gurus for strip clubs are experts at loosely playing with the words: “nude” and “topless.”

That’s why you get sucked in! You’ll see nude promoted on flyers, signage, advertising, and on the internet; but what that really means is topless.

Like every community, Las Vegas also has laws and regulations defining nudity and how alcohol and touching ties in with that. Some years ago, legislation was passed here that outlawed the serving of both alcohol and nudity in the same strip club establishment. 

Like in other cities, totally nude clubs will be older and sometimes in rougher areas. The one here was first opened in 1969. These clubs are prone to doing whatever it takes to stay in business. They tended to resist updating and modernizing and are down to playing their one last card. 

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