Top 7 Strip Club Hacks and Tips

Here’s some new hacks and great tips on how to have fun and save money at a Vegas strip club.

Tip #1 is be prepared and book ahead

Before you walk into a club, know what you’re having. And know because you chose and booked your package in advance! Think of it like buying concert tickets. The best prices for concert tickets are before they officially go on sale.  To get that smoking deal you have to have a hookup like a membership. After the on sale date hits tickets are going to cost a bit more. Then on show night, walkup tickets, if there are any left, are pricey as the devil. Do you want a great club experience? Book it in advance by going online and booking a VIP package or by calling way before you want to come.

Top Strip Club Hacks and Tips
Use these tips to have a great time @PeppermintHippoLV

Tip #2 is always use the club’s free transportation

Reserving club vehicles in advance and dropping a tip on the driver saves time, hassle, and putting up with the diversion tactics of commercial drivers who want to take you somewhere else to earn a bounty. You get where you want to go on time and back home safely.

Tip #3 is to be nice

As with any business, polite people are treated politely. Every offer and courtesy is extended to them. Rude patrons don’t get good deals. Happy dancers and entertainers love happy people.

Tip #4 is to carry cash

Yes, in Vegas cash is king! Back home in Peoria or LA you never saw cash flying around like it does out here! And especially in strip clubs. Cash means you can immediately tip, so you get immediate attention. Green is the color of the ultimate oil that greases the gears! So, bring some!

Tip #5 is to leave the credit cards at home or in the hotel room

For some people, carrying credit or bank cards into a strip club will wreck their party! People who like to run to the brink of being dazed and confused get into serious trouble when they whip out their plastic. If you or someone in your hardy party relates, stow the plastic dough. Now having said the above, our conscientious and very best customers know we accept credit cards and know to ask about opening an account with us as well.

Tip #6 is to tip what you like

Hot girls are not working for thrills. Tip them. Watch what is going on. Are people placing dollars on stages? In certain areas of G-strings? Are they tipping waitstaff on their carry trays or hand to hand or in some discreet way? Is there a tip jar in the restroom? How was the driver, host, doorman, and how about security. 

Tip #7 is to let the club know if you’re out on a special night, celebrating a special event, or part of a convention

Now, be real, birthdays do not count so much here…. well, maybe for a 21-year-old. But in general, no one is going to break into the Happy Birthday song for some 46-year-old and toss ‘em a flaming cupcake! Yet certain mile markers and things captivate club-goers and club staffers alike. Bachelor parties, conventions, special events in town like the Formula 1 race, Superbowl, major concerts, and even new business launches create high energy and big fun! You could make everyone want to celebrate! And you could be the start of something big! 

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