How to Approach an Exotic Dancer Correctly

Firstly, know that approaching a stripper is easier than you might suspect.

In a quality Las Vegas strip club, you do not have to worry about approaching dancers because they will be approaching you. Yet there are times when you’re interested in one special person and don’t want to wait. Or perhaps you’re on your first outing and a little unsure. Here’s some timely help.

Ask her for a dance. Now, even though dances can lead to romances, they do have a price. Basic clubs and newer performers just starting out tend to price at $20. Quality, higher end clubs start at $100, and for club stars and guest artists expect a steeper rise. Now, it’s good to know that in most clubs the girls set their own prices because they are independent contractors and not employees. What this means is that different girls are going to have different prices, so do inquire.

How to Approach an Exotic Dancer Correctly
Approaching a dancer is easier than you think

Ask to buy her a drink. And watch out, you’re entering the wild frontier! There are as many variables when it comes to buying a girl an alcoholic drink as there are pizza shops in America! Some girls do not drink and will kindly decline your offer…in your dreams! She will accept and get served a $30 soda water with a lime twist. Others will order top shelf liquors and some perhaps a bottle of Dom Perignon or Louis Roederer Cristal.  

When you are out to have a great time and the cost is of no consequence, have a ball. 

But for the more financially conservative men, clarify what you are offering: “May I buy you a shot of Jack or a flute of Perrier-Jouet champagne?”  You might ask what she prefers: “Perhaps I can buy you a drink? In a good club, there are no grifters looking to take advantage of you. Oh, don’t get me wrong, the girls are “reading you.” 

They can’t help it. They notice the quality of your haircut and personal grooming. They notice clothing and jewelry and the make of your shoes. It’s fair because we read them too! But just because she reads you does not mean she will gouge you. But know this as well; it does not mean she will settle for less than her standards.

Clubs have lap dances. These might be offered to you when you are in a crowd, sitting in a VIP area, or alone in a private room. When asked, you are free to accept or not. The most patient patrons pass over offers from others and prefer to watch and wait for someone they are especially interested in as she works the room. They anxiously await their turn in rotation. Not a good plan! She might be the next performer to go up on stage or perhaps go on break.  

There is a tremendously high risk of losing an opportunity by waiting. Instead of waiting smarter patrons ask a host, bartender, or server to invite her over to them. And while they’re at it, if they don’t already know her name, they make sure to get it at the same time. And remember, gentlemen always tip and thank people for the hook-up. Of course, you can simply go and ask her to join you.

Request a private room with the girl of your choice. 

By definition “private room” at every club is different. Some have private booths only. Others have private rooms. And still others have private areas with their own dedicated access, bar, a décor, and security. In a high-end club like the Peppermint Hippo, you have all three!

In closing, here’s a couple more.

Friends sometimes have friends ask for them. Have a pal walk over and ask her for you. This lets you play shy, and that third person endorsement might say to her that you’re a good guy. Some people like going “old school” and having a server carry a note on a napkin over to her. Hokey as it sounds, you’d be surprised how well it works because she has something in her hand that she won’t forget. 

Plan in advance.

When you’ve been here before and you’re coming back and placing reservations, ask for your favorite dancer. This is a great time to also ask about package deals and special offers.

We are always open.

The Peppermint Hippo is open every single day and every single night of the year, 24 hours a day. You can come in and party anytime you want!  Holidays included. There’s no need to be lonely tonight!

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