What to Expect at a Gentlemen’s Club for the First Time

What to Expect at a Gentlemen’s Club for the First Time

So maybe you purchased your first VIP package. Now let’s find out how to have the best time possible at a gentleman’s club in Las Vegas.

Rule #1 always be polite. It’s amazing how much better establishments treat polite people, even when they unknowingly commit errors as compared to the braying asses they encounter. “Please, thank you, and may I” work wonders. In general, don’t do anything you wouldn’t want your mother to know about. 

Having said that the next things to know are:

Put away your electronic devices. This is not the time to think about recording your fantasy movie or memorializing a friend’s exceptionally stupid antics. Performers and patrons alike have no fondness for being surreptitiously or openly photographed or videoed. There is an expectation for privacy, and it is a well-established “code of conduct” in clubs. 

Bring cash. While credit cards are useful, cash is king. Now, The Peppermint Hippo does offer a couple nice services you might like to use. One is buying “Dance Chips” at the cage as you enter. These are redeemable for dances only and cannot be used for other payments. Another thing you might like is “making it rain.”  This is where patrons buy stacks of one-dollar bills. They then swat them out in streams of raining cash. It’s a blast to see and big fun to do!

Prices are not negotiable. When you come to play at a gentlemen’s club, expect to pay. It’s SHOW TIME! And when you’re here you’re not pinching pennies. Those people are downtown on the penny slot machines! Do not negotiate for lap dances or drink prices. We’re not buying cars or houses here. We’re having a good time!

Unsolicited touching is an absolute no-no. This is a general rule of thumb across the nation, jurisdiction to jurisdiction and club to club. It is often a mandated legal issue. Now, while some performers do not mind touching especially within the confines of private or VIP rooms, never assume. The best rule of thumb is when in doubt about anything, ask.

Our club is safe. The Peppermint Hippo is located right along the busiest street in the Entertainment Capital of the World! There are tons of vehicles, traffic, and people all around. Our parking lot is huge and well lit. We have a highly trained and responsive full time security force and high-tech surveillance equipment that operates 24/7.

Expect a great time. While prostitution is legal in much of Nevada, it is definitely illegal in Clark County, Las Vegas, the surrounding metropolitan area, and in our club. Gentlemen’s clubs are in the entertainment business, not the sex business. You are welcomed to come and enjoy a great time out whether alone or with a group of friends.

Call the club directly for FREE transportation

 Limo or party bus. We cannot stress this enough.  Las Vegas entertainment centers are notorious for paying bounties or kickbacks to cab drivers, and Lyft and Uber drivers, for each person brought to them. Restaurants, bars, and gentlemen’s clubs are primary offenders, so take no chances. Don’t get taken for a ride. 

We want to make your first time at a gentlemen’s club so memorable that you’ll be back again and again, and we want you to remember your first time forever!

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