Top 7 Best Strip Tease Songs of All Time

Top 7 Best Strip Tease Songs of All Time

Top end, high caliber gentlemen’s clubs understand that patrons want everything they could find in the best night clubs. The best entertainment in the world is found in Las Vegas, and lucky for you, so is the best gentlemen’s club. We know it’s all about being in the hottest place with showcased dance areas, state of the art lighting, and base thumping audio, complete  with tweeters that catch every brushstroke on the high hat cymbals. 

At the Peppermint Hippo we invested over $5,000,000 to go well beyond all expectations and added 14 digital projectors to cast crisp imaging and streaming, rotating poles, built in under stage foggers, and the very best selection of non-stop strip tease music played anywhere in the world!

Here’s our Top 7 Best Strip Tease Songs of 2022.  See if you agree.

Hot in Here” by Nelly

Debuting in 2002, the rhythm and grind in this song’s opening instrumental ramp and its “not too long but just right” length made it a hit. Especially for performers focused on diversity. Its urban images and lifestyle lyrics paint an amazing audio canvas to showcase every move.

Rocket” by Beyonce

Its undulating soft slow jams melody is perfect for dancers wanting to showcase their floorwork. Soft, colorful lighting blended with a gentle mist from under stage fog machines makes this picture perfect! 

River” by Bishop Briggs

The repetitive opening riff and lyrics of this song, “Like a river…,” instantly establishes more artistic dancers on stage. While the official video is so-so because of its outdoorsy, repetitive, and kind of static visuals, the audio track became a favorite in many gentlemen’s clubs. 

Girls, Girls, Girls” by Motley Crue

Upbeat and vibrant, you’ll often hear this song played when a club wants to lift the energy or transition out of a slow set. It’s raucous, rowdy, and always welcomed!

Movement” by Hozier

This rhythmic tune from Ireland’s native son is often preferred and heard in VIP and private rooms. Its breathy and airy stylistics are best heard in darkened settings like the world-famous OG rooms at the Peppermint Hippo.

Like a Virgin” by Madonna

Always a titillating blast from the past, this Oldie but a Goodie always resonates well with club clientele. It’s one of those songs that just never seems to go away! Kind of like Madonna! She is still actively entertaining millions of adoring fans to this day!

Upside Down” Donna Summer

Upside Down has become a legendary and ageless anthem in adult entertainment clubs ever since its introduction way back in 1980 by Diana Ross. However, it was not until Donna Summer released a cover version of it in 1987 that it went massively mainstream and became a sensational club hit. It often accompanies more aerobically sensual pole dancing routines.

That’s our short list for the Top 7 Best Strip Tease Songs ever.

What 3 songs would you add to take it to the 10 Top Strip Tease Songs?

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