Tips for Getting Bottle Service in the Club

Tips for Getting Bottle Service in the Club

When you get bottle service at a club in Las Vegas, you’ve made it to the big show! Let people know you’ve got it! Flaunt it! And have a GREAT time! VIP Bottle service sends the ultimate message!

 Now, while you are out for a great time, you’re no fool about your money, so, here are some priceless tips on how to get the very best in bottle service and avoid pitfalls at clubs in Las Vegas.

 Plan ahead.  What? Plan ahead in impulsive Sin City!? You bet! You’ll get more and save more! Besides there’s nothing worse than getting out on the town, finding yourself in the hottest club, sitting in a seat at a prime table, and staring at the last drained bottle you can afford for the night! It would have gone much better had you known a few ins and outs!

 Bottle service is the golden ticket to better seats in nightclubs and strip clubs across the country and especially in Vegas.

Call ahead and place reservations for bottle service.  The hotter the club, the more limited the availability of seating. Don’t make the mistake of trying to walk in. Book ahead. Let them know your name, how many are in your party, arrival time, and the primary way to be contacted. A nice touch; no, a critical touch, is to have the club accommodate your transportation needs. Better gentlemen’s clubs offer FREE transportation service and will accommodate discrete travel as well, if so desired. Just be gracious and tip the driver and door people.

Now, transportation is an important consideration. You want to get to where you want to go.  You don’t want to get hijacked by some unscrupulous taxi, limo, or Uber driver who waylays or persuades you to a different destination just to collect a finder’s fee from that other establishment. Yep, it happens. Often. Especially to those who make no plans.

Ask about “bottle packages.” Bottle packages are neat because they offer menus or tiers to select what you prefer and have a fixed price predetermined. Know what is included. Clubs offer:

  • Entrance fees 
  • Tables & chairs, couches, or cabanas
  • Private rooms
  • Private entrance
  • Liquor selections
  • Mixers & specialty drink ware
  • Snacks or food service
  • Dedicated waitstaff
  • Security

 Accurately determine the scale of your party.  More people equates to more seating and more bottles. Don’t underestimate!  You don’t want to be the guy with one bottle of Cristal and 12 guys nursing on it all night! Be sure to select the most appropriate package based on liquor choices, seating location, number of people in the party, and how long you expect to be there. When in doubt, aim high.

Better locations cost more.  Real estate inside of clubs is just like real estate in business. The old cliché about location, location, location is fully in play inside of Las Vegas clubs. When you want to be closer to the action or the stage, be prepared to pay more, so ask about seating and cost in advance. 

Ask about “bottle specials”  Once on site, ask about bottle specials. Sometimes between the time you booked and then arrived weeks later, large parties or convention groups will have been canceled. To make up the shortfall from cancellations, clubs drop in temporary and short-term specials you might find compelling. 

Use the “One Person on Point” rule.  You don’t want everyone in your party ordering anything they want. Make it clear to the waitstaff, entertainers, and management, if needs be, that only one designated person is authorized to encumber and make additional purchases on your account. Typically, that is you, your spouse, or a sober and stoic best friend. Now, someone almost always goes rogue and starts paying for their own add-ons. This is the stuff of nightmares, but a polished and professional club staff is well attuned to tracking and handling these spurious outliers. Fear not. 

Tip in cash.  When it comes to tipping in clubs, people in Vegas, they still react quicker to cash than to credit cards. Even though the IRS swooped in in the mid-1980’s and tightened tax regulations on casinos, entertainers, and servers, you would probably not be surprised to know a lot of what is paid in cash still goes appreciatively unreported. 

You’re not buying liquor & entertainment.  You’re buying an experience. It is really about the cost you are willing to bear, your expectations, and how wide a memorable swath you want to carve out. If clubbing is not your thing, stay out of it. When it is your thing, plan ahead, prepare to pay more than you estimated, show up with a good attitude, and party like it’s this big dog’s last time!

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