Las Vegas Strip Club Party Buses and Transportation Choices

Las Vegas Strip Club Party Buses and Transportation Choices
The best free transportation service @Peppermint Hippo LV

Getting to your favorite gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas with our free transportation is quick and easy, even when it’s a busy weekend or there are huge events in town. 

First and most importantly, don’t drive yourself to the gentlemen’s club! A DUI ruins the best vacation.  Worrying about where to park on a crowded Strip night is beyond painful. And if you’re lucky enough to find a spot, who knows how far you’re going to have to walk after that. Being the designated driver is just a way of making yourself the group’s party pooper and getting banished from the fun.

Instead, call the Peppermint Hippo and order up one of our fully equipped party buses! They’re absolutely free. You take the hassle out of driving with a buzz on.  You don’t have to worry about parking. And you get the party started early because our buses arrive fully equipped.

What does fully equipped transportation mean? 

How about a full bar, light show, amped up sound system, stripper pole, and of course the most beautiful and gorgeous dancers in the world. Walk out of your hotel or Airbnb and immediately into paradise! For a high profile, show us the money great time, roll away in style! The guys are going to love it! And again, it’s FREE! 

Now, if a showy party bus is not your style and you want quiet elegance or perhaps something stealthier, our unbranded SUVs are perfect. The same easy booking procedure dispatches our car and driver directly to you on your schedule. Please, plan ahead and schedule early. 

Smart planners contact us weeks before arriving in town. Let us know both your date and time, pick up and return locations, how many to expect, and any special requests you might have. Then relax and know everything is handled. We’ll pick you up and get you back.

If you are well connected with the hotel you’re staying at, using their service might be an option, but please know you are probably going to face scheduling conflicts and when you do finally step into their vehicle, don’t be surprised to see a few unknown strangers also along for the ride. Not an ideal situation.

Another option is to book a private limo at your own expense. 

We have to say, limo use in Vegas is becoming more and more passé every day. And why would you want to pay for a service we offer for free?

At all costs, avoid using taxis, Uber, and Lyft. Las Vegas has a well-developed kick back system in place. Drivers get paid to divert you to other clubs and destinations. Some establishments pay by the head, others by the carload. This is not an urban legend. It is an ugly reality. While most drivers are honest and upstanding, you have enough temptation takers that for you, it’s not worth the risk. These characters have gilded tongues and will tell you anything that works for them. “The club you want to go to sucks because….  If you go to my club, you’ll get free….  My dad works the door and ….”  Think of it, and they’ve probably already said it.  Avoid being another “Vegas fish.”

For safe, fun, hassle-free gentlemen’s club transportation, choose the world-famous Peppermint Hippo.

The BEST and ONLY gentlemen’s club on the Vegas Strip.

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